Balancing the Divine Feminine & Masculine for Success

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Guest Speaker – Gretchen Kehan

As a Transformational Coach, Intuitive Guide and Writer, Gretchen Kehan believes deep, lasting, positive change can only occur when we spend intentional time in the space of the unknown. When a woman is in transition in her work, life or motherhood, it is necessary to go within, reclaim who you are and invoke the confidence and clarity necessary to not only unlock your greatest potential, but to emerge as the fully empowered woman you are meant to be. In this capacity, women willing and able to do their great work within their homes, their families, their communities, their lives will catalyze the change we desire to see in the world.

Gretchen works with women making transitions to trust their intuition, surrender to their greatest fears and awaken to their deepest desires to lead a beloved life aligned with their true calling.

Her love and affinity for freedom, flexibility and soulful strategy is evident in her 6 years of working directly in the online business world and over 12 years experience working with entrepreneurs in the coaching industry.

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