Relationships & Attraction

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Guest Speaker – Shadee Ardalan

I’m Shadee Ardalan and since 2005, I’ve helped empower thousands of women and men create and enhance the loving connections they want in their lives.

Both as a seminar leader for PAX Programs and later as a privately practicing coach, I’ve helped people find clarity and happiness in their relationships while being true to themselves. I’ve guided women to become more confident, optimistic and see possibilities and potential, without doing anything that doesn’t feel authentic or rooted in who they really are. The PAX model and my own experience has shown me that the best way to find love and enjoy the process is to come from a place of positivity and abundance.

I base my coaching methodology on something very simple: listening. Empathetic listening, followed by gently suggesting impactful action steps, is the way I coach because I’ve found it’s the best way to reach people. Everyone who comes to me brings her own innate strengths and we start from there, with a foundation of self-love and confidence.

Besides working with individuals of all ages, I’ve taught classes for women in how to understand and communicate better with men for 8 years. In addition, I have an audio set recording on “Understanding Alpha Males” based on my own in depth research on the topic. This teaching is available as mp3 downloads that you can listen to as often as you like and get more and more out of each time.

I’ve made my home in Los Angeles since 2005 but grew up in Indiana, the American heartland. A graduate of Smith College, where women are empowered to become leaders, I worked in advertising, finance, beauty and film before finally discovering my true calling as a coach, writer and teacher who helps others realize their dreams of a loving relationship.

Wondering about my unusual name? Pronounced “Shaw-DEE,” it’s a Persian name that means happy in Farsi. My parents immigrated here from Iran because they believed that in America it’s possible to achieve your dreams—a belief I strongly share. It’s part of why I do what I do. And I love to see the results as my clients are transformed into happier, more confident, more fulfilled individuals taking positive control of their relationships and their lives.

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