Less Stress Secrets

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Guest Speaker – Nicky Stansbury

A self-described “Silver Lining Sparkler”, Nicky Stansbury has issued an open invitation for the world-weary to decompress. That invitation manifests as La Palmera Spa – a Division of NichoLyn Coaching, LLC.

Long term stressors impact individuals physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Stress Management Life Coach and Entrepreneur, Nicky Stansbury, the “Mind” of MindBodyLuxury, understands that outlooks manifest outcomes. She began her journey towards life coaching on the road of divorce, single motherhood, and financial instability. Rather than fold under the pressure, she channeled wild optimism and tireless dedication into reshaping her circumstances. As a positivity guru well-versed in the laws of attraction, her intuitive approach to healing meets you where you’re at. Her innovative GPS System provides the tools to manage your Full Plate Syndrome with StressLessSecrets.

Nicky’s professional qualifications include a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, a Master of Science in Human Services, and Life Coach Certification. She is an author of “Quit Your Bit$*ing–Change Something Already!”, co-author of “Paleo for People Like Us” as well as a couple of other self-help books and Audioprograms.

She has been recognized with the State of Louisiana as a Small Business Employee Trainer and loves bringing innovation to stressful industries. This unique blend of classical training and firsthand experience makes Nicky Stansbury an ideal partner on your journey towards a StressLess lifestyle. As your Full Plate expert, she’ll help shift the standard “All or Nothing” mindset into “Small and Something”.

What is the one thing you can do right away, today, to improve your situation? Nicky Stansbury wants to help you find your missing piece!

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