Signature Genius: How to Weave All Our Gifts, Talents and Ideas Together Into a Unified Body of Work and Successful Business.

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Guest Speaker – Julie Ann Turner

Julie Ann Turner, Founder/CEO of ConsciousSHIFT.Me, is the Bestselling Author of GENESIS OF GENIUS, and is a thought leader in the global shift to creative consciousness, as Executive Producer/Host of the global CONSCIOUSSHIFT Radio Show (680,000 subscribers worldwide and growing), and as a world authority on the master creative process.

Julie Ann guides Visionary Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders and World-Changers across the globe, to realize their Signature Genius and live to their highest potential, helping them to shift out of the LOOP of overwhelm, and into the LEAP of their true greatness… to break their big vision down into tangible, doable steps, and to package their genius so they profit from serving their ideal tribe, and earn the income they deserve and desire.

Learn more about Julie Ann Turner on her website – http://consciousshift.me/

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