The 4 Paths to Profit: Finding the Best Business Model for Your Trailblazing Business

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The 4 Paths to Profit
Finding the Best Business Model for Your Trailblazing Business

Guest Speaker – Shawn Driscoll

Our guest, Shawn Driscoll, believes the fastest way to build a respected and profitable business is to dare to be distinctive. In today’s competitive and crowded marketplace, she knows that visionary entrepreneurs and experts can’t make their mark, or a meaningful profit, by following the crowd. Shawn understands firsthand the challenges of running a small business, having built her in-demand boutique coaching business part time while raising two kids and caring for her ailing mother.

After leaving the corporate fast track to start her business, she found herself feeling like a ‘misunderstood maverick’ trying to fit in, but quickly realized that she had to throw out the cookie cutter solutions and instead share her original point of view. With a keen eye for business strategy and a sixth sense for seeing ‘hidden’ systems within visionary businesses, she has fast become the sought-after coach and advisor to many top entrepreneurs and leading experts internationally.

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